“To be a leader in providing world class global software solutions and services” and Our Mission is "To deliver quality services and products helping organizations cost cuts, and enhance customer service“

H-LINE is recognized for providing innovative management consulting and IT solutions to customers and for partnering with them to leverage technology in today's competitive marketplace. Through a powerful mix of people, processes and the appropriate application of technology, H-LINE delivers business solutions to help organizations gain knowledge from the market, create value for their customers, reduce time and cost across business operations, and drive global competitive advantage.

H-LINE combines its broad array of in-depth business and technical expertise to create solutions that solve an enterprise's complex requirements linking customers to suppliers and partners around the world, satisfying end-user demand, entering new markets, and gaining a leadership position. H-LINE's main focus is on providing solutions that add business value. We provide end-to-end solutions. We help business identify the need, conduct value chain analysis, propose solutions based on the industry best practices, identify change management strategies, help execute the entire project, on-going application support both in terms of process or technical review.

H-LINE trying to earn a reputation as a niche our US Associates. With our close association with our US Counterpart we collaborate with customers to consistently and cost-effectively plan, execute and deliver high-quality services and results.

The company's management team along with its US Associate Company's management team has spent many man years working with the big consulting firms and they come with good educational background. Our consultants are professionals who build long-term, trusted relationships and bring a high level of energy, integrity, experience and value to client work. In addition, the company along with its US associate is having strong partnerships with best-in-class technology vendors, enabling it to remain objective while working with clients to determine the most appropriate hardware, software and services to meet their business requirements.

Business Activities

H-LINE prepared to deliver the complete set of services required for enabling Information Technology business solutions: Strategic Management and IT Consulting, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise and Network Integration and Custom Business Solutions. This breadth of services, combined with in-depth industry expertise and close association with the US associates, allows H-LINE to respond quickly to the dynamic requirements of its customers.

  Company's association with the US associate will place the company in a successful path with the expertise and superior customer care and the depth and breadth of services would result in significant repeat business with customers, collaborating with them to make optimal use of technology today, while planning for the future. The company's US associate is recognized for its Business Process Analysis and Integration capabilities. Its cutting-edge expertise lies in drawing horizontal synergy of the three strategic business units (SBU) to deliver integrated turnkey solutions.
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