Professional services:

You are a business trying to compete in an ever increasingly technical marketplace. Whether you're a small business wanting to make a splash on the web, or a large business desiring a full service web application, we will help you achieve your goals.
What We Do For You
We find better ways to do things. We provide you with professional solutions that enable your small business to be more successful. We automate your unique business processes to allow you to spend your time doing what you do best.
Website Development
You don't need a website because "everyone's got one." You need a website because it will enhance your business and make your job easier. We focus on websites that work for you, save your employees time, and empower your customers. A professional website will allow you to:
  • Deliver your message to thousands
  • Keep up with the competition
  • Provide information to customers and employees
  • Offer 24 hour availability
  • Improve customer Service.
  • Save time and money.

Website Development:

You don't need a website because "everyone's got one." You need a website because it will enhance your business and make your job easier. We focus on websites that work for you, save your employees time, and empower your customers. A professional website will allow you to:
  • Deliver your message to thousands
  • Keep up with the competition
  • Provide information to customers and employees
  • Improve customer Service
  • Save time and money

Website Optimization and SEO Services:

Are you looking to increase the traffic to your website and to maximize the effectiveness of the visitors you receive?
Having a valuable website is only part of the equation. In order for your website to be successful you need visitors to find your website. And those visitors must "convert" into your most desired action, whether that is a sale, a contact, a subscription, or whatever your goal for your visitors may be.
That's where we can help you. Through our years of experience we have continually looked to find new and better ways to serve our customers needs. We are proud to offer several flexible cost-effective options that we believe will fit your unique needs. Contact us for your customized quote.

End-end Staffing:

The more a business grows and the more employees it has, the greater its need for employee needs management. One of the most efficient and technologically advanced ways of filling this need is to use staffing software.H-Line Soft Information Technology Pvt. Ltd IT division is dedicated to staffing qualified IT professionals that specialize in all aspects of Applications Development, IT Infrastructure and Communications. Whether you need fulfillment in software development, help desk support or network architecture,H-Line Soft Information Technology Pvt. Ltd has the skills and expertise to provide you with the most appropriate solutions. Our recruiters have strong networks built in the IT industry that allow us to respond to your requirements quickly. Upon receiving a requirement, theH-Line Soft Information Technology Pvt. Ltd team will work hard to identify and ensure that you are provided with the most qualified IT candidates.

HR Consulting:

Today, our consulting services enable companies to confront complex business challenges head-on. We create and manage different programs for employees that help you extract maximum value from your investments. Design and deliver health plans that rein in costs, protecting your bottom line—and your people. Help you improve the performance of your workforce and solve the complex HR issues arising from organizational change. Provide tailored employee communication services to help ensure that our solutions succeed. We provide different services like, thorough audit of all essential HR practices which includes New hire paperwork, HR Policies, Postings and Legal Compliance, Laws of Wages and Hours, Organizational and Personnel Development, Employee Classification, Record Maintenance and much more. The HR Audit is designed to uncover human capital opportunities and prevent legal threats to your organization.

Technology consulting:

Some common tasks thatH-Line Soft Information Technology Pvt. Ltd provides for the IT consultants on a daily basis are: cold-calling prospects and marketing their services, interviewing and meeting clients, drafting proposals, clarifying system requirements, analyzing IT requirements, managing the implementation of software and computers, facilitating timescales, managing installations, allocating resources, purchasing computer systems and software programs, installing computer software, troubleshooting technical problems, holding seminars, administering end-user advice, preparing comprehensive documents and reports, designing and testing programs, and much more.

Marketing Consulting:

We provide the following services to address various levels of client needs within Strategic Technology Consulting which is in addition to our customer software development service. We are also able to tailor an approach which will best serve your unique organizational or governmental needs.
  • Enterprise Systems Optimization
  • Enterprise Architecture Master Plan Development
  • Web Strategy
  • Architecture Review
  • Marketing Strategy/Customer Analytics
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Third Party Software Evaluation
  • Hardware Selection
To further investigate whether Strategic Technology Consulting from Amadeus Consulting is right for your organization, please contact our team.

SEO consulting:

WIf you’re interested in getting an expert search engine optimization consulting to assist you in developing and growing your business, we offer services that can help you. Depending on what level of service you need there are different packages for you to choose from. These services are high level consulting services that will assist you in developing or fine tuning your SEM strategy.H-Line Soft Information Technology Pvt. Ltd SEO Consulting services give your Web site a strong competitive advantage in the search results thanks to our experience and long history getting sites ranked. We will look at your on-page optimization, link development strategy, and study your competition in order to create you a customized SEO package based around your specific needs and budget. Our consulting services are designed to take you from start to finish. We’ll work with you to create a strategy that makes sense, help you understand who your competitors are, and show you which terms are going to be the most important to target to achieve success.

Bulk hiring solutions:

Imagine being able to staff an entire team in a single day. This would simplify the placement process, save hiring manager’s considerable time, and ensure a new team of like-minded individuals with great chemistry. We shortlist profiles from our 100,000 strong proprietary databases based on the job descriptions, and initiate our pre-screening tests. Selected candidates are then presented to your hiring managers at a single venue. Since Bulk Hiring is frequently used to staff entire project teams,H-Line Soft Information Technology Pvt. Ltd is accountable to you for maintaining staffing levels for that particular group through the duration of the project.
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