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Flash based content creation for specific requirements compliance:

Our services feature flash content management system which allow to update text, images
Edit kind of functionalities in any sort of discipline.
We provide best content creation services for Internet applications, scripting languages, XML kind of programming and Ajax applications.

Flash Based E-commerce:

E-commerce is a term for doing business online, typically via the internet. Generally it implies purchase of goods and services over the internet. Our company focuses mainly on support and development functionalities for E-commerce web sites with interactive Flash Based programming.
Flash makes a site lively and vibrant, flash designs also make web sites very attractive. F lash animations and flash designs make the web site to stay at the cutting edge which is the best way to attract the visitors to the websites. The rich internet client capabilities of the macromedia Flash MX is enabling new Rich Internet applications .Their suitability for better data visualization, real time interactivity, high usability , pertinent information areas make it an ideal for next generation e-commerce solutions. .Our ecommerce solutions provide retail, wholesale and distribution operations with modern tools that cut costs and efficiently inflate markets.

UI Designing for commercial websites and applications:

Technology alone cannot win the user acceptance, the user experiences about the end product is the vital concept for acceptance. Effective user Interface design requires a systematic approach from the initial stage of the product. For optimum performance usability testing is mandatory. Our user design experts keep track of the product right from the initial stage of the product which helps to design an ultimate product according to user needs and requirements. Our User Interface Design experts specialize in website design. They apply a systematic technique to design and evaluate websites for maximum effectiveness, easy navigation, and enhanced user experience. We specialize in wide variety of products from consumer products, website designs, e-commerce sites.

Action scripting and back end integration with remote applications:

Actionscript is an object oriented scripting language, based on ECMAScript (ECMA - European Computer Manufacturers Association). It is similar to the JavaScript programming language. Using Actionscript you can add interactive functionality to your web site. The most popular software, which benefits from the Actionscript implementations is Flash. Through the Actionscript code the developer can set and control the actions of the Flash objects. It can be used for different web sites: basic Flash animations, interactive Flash games, e-commerce applications, complicated community portals and many more.

Back End Integration :

Back-end integration can be divided into two different approaches: Process Integration – the integration of the functional flow of processing between the applications. Data Integration – the integration of the information used by applications.
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